I've been a wanderer, a waster
A soldier for the truth
All my life I've tried to escape
The inevitability of my own fate

One hazy Sunday afternoon I came upon
A man who'd risen straight from hell
His vaccuous eyes grew more dim
As he told me I looked evil to him

I took him at his word, believing all his lies
Til yesterday I turned around
And found him just a robot in disguise

For what dreams have I been searching
In my wonderland of paradise?
One fresh spring morn I awoke to find
They were less than a handful of nothing

I believed that I was striving
For a world that had some meaning
But now my eyes have opened wide
I find nothing really mattered at all

What we see, What we feel, is what we are
The world reflecting a single reality
Within the very depths of our soul.

© abracad 2003