When you meet the spaceman from far away
Listen to what he has to say
Use your eyes if you dare
You cannot see what isn't there
The spaceman will tell you
Of things you've never seen
And soon he must move on
To places you've never been

If the spaceman tells you take a look
Things aren't what they seem
What was real at the time
Is now a mixed-up dream
Time goes fast and time goes slow
Time stands completely still
Plans never work out
Like you think they will

The spaceman will collect your debt
Before your judgement day
What you give is what you get
In all you do and say
Just you do the best you can
Don't worry about a thing
Keep your cool in chaos
For you are everlasting

Today never lasts forever
Gives way to a new tomorrow
With the greatest strength of all
Still you feel great sorrow
It may be hard, you must be strong
Your uncertainty will mend
For I am the spaceman
And I'll get you in the end

© abracad 2003