i know they'll put the flags out
and crack open the best champagne
overjoyed at your return
undeterred by the morning's rain
but let them know how much i'll miss you
you were always there for me
winter summer daytime night time
you would always set me free

won't you please enjoy the party
and your new life in the sun
you've earned every moment
now relax cos it's begun
but please don't you forget me
now i'm left here all alone
as the silence engulfs me
i wish i could pick up the phone

and it only seems like yesterday
and i wish you back to stay
we'd walk together by the beach
are those moments out of reach
i know that you have gone back home
but i am still so far away
i feel like crying every day
please take my hand and show me the way

days turn into months
and months turn into years
they said that time's a healer
it does nothing to relieve my fears

can you still clearly remember
now that you're safely back home
all the days we spent together
all the pathways we would roam
though they say that time's a healer
it hasn't worked it's magic yet
though i try to find contentment
still my conscience can't forget
i cannot repay my debt

© abracad 2003