empty streets in the dead of night
lit by lamps of empty light
that cast no shadows on the ground
where no one ever comes around
when i've nothing left to give
how can i even try to live
how can i live without you

you wake up in a brand new day
find the world's as cold as clay
things we cherished have all gone
try to carry on, got to carry on
it's why you're here

the blandness of the world we live in
why can't it be a shade forgiving
burying its lies
behind respectable disguise
you know it isn't easy

time to take a walk alone
things seem clearer on your own
the evening's getting dark now
try so hard, remember how
we used to pass the time

on a cold dark winter's day
i'll stop a while and try to pray
a prayer that might be heard
that might be listened every word
when i've nothing left to give
i'll keep on trying hard to live
i'll try to live without you

sit down and watch a late night show
shows i've nowhere else to go
i want to put the lights out
understand what it's all about
but i'm still too afraid

i'll take another soothing drink
it helps my shrinking soul to think
to find a path, a way back home
no longer have the strength to roam
eternal roads to hell

but soon enough we'll be together
tomorrow's gonna last forever
don't take this world so badly
it doesn't have to be so sadly
there's always something left to give
find a happy way to live
just for a little while

last night had the strangest dream
things were really as they seem
a sinner crying like a baby
wishing somehow somewhere maybe
i'm considerably wiser

© abracad 2003