i think i'm falling from heaven to hell
stories and dreams, i've plenty to sell
falling so close to the heat of the sun
afraid of the things that i've left done

and i wonder why i'm crying
when i never gave up trying
but now i understand
that the things i gave my life for
didn't matter matter any more
when i stepped inside the door
and threw away the key
that could not set me free
any more

i think i'm flying so high in the sky
my own self importance, my own secret lie
flying so close to the light of the stars
suffering memories of sad lonely bars

and i wonder why i'm trying
when i couldn't stop my lying
but now i understand
that the things i held most dearly
were the things i saw most clearly
the things that fell most nearly
were unimportant now
i've learned not why but how
i am here

© abracad 2003