is just an illusion
but it fools me once again
as it fooled me way back then

my mind
and my spirit
soar upwards to the sky
and despite what people told me
i knew i had to try

and i don't see them
and i can't hear them
won't let them get my way

because if freedom
is just an illusion
then it's an illusion
where i wanna stay

bid farewell to the day
bid farewell to today
for tomorrow is a place we'll never see

take your time, take the pain away
be my friend, make it go away
for my pain is a thing you'll never see

and this time, it is too late
tell the wolves they'll have to wait
this time is all we have
this world, this life is all we'll ever see

don't get lost along the way
you played your part
you earned the right to say
it will live forever in your heart
forever in your sacred heart

take the sun away
it's too bright for me
take the wind away
and simply let me see
take today away
and i'll forget about tomorrow
take me away
from this world of endless sorrow

if a moment cannot last
i'll make do
and dream about the past
and if tomorrow ever comes
i'll survive
and i'll thank god
if i am still alive

© abracad 2003