i see you walking in the park
see you walking in the dark
but i don't know what to do
to get myself noticed by you
i'm just an outsider

i hear you in my dreams
hear you in a million themes
that cannot be explained
by a soul that is so strained
i'm just an outsider

that's all i'll ever be
an outsider for everyone to see
and if i try to come inside
they'll just pretend to hide
or simply walk away
we don't need you here today
that's what they'll say
it's what they'll say

and i touched you once before
but now you've closed the door
i can't touch you any more
it's so against the law
and i don't know what to do
because you know it's true
i am an outsider
always an outsider

talking, crying, pretending, walking
i'm just an outsider
just a free rider
with no place to go
any more

© abracad 2003