i am lost
and I can't find my way
back home
to where i wanna be today
it's getting darker, outside
and the lights are coming on
but here inside
my dreams are nearly gone

i am lost
i don't know which way to turn
and i'm all alone
a million miles from home
i made a big mistake
and soon my heart will break
i didn't mean it

i am lost
confused and misunderstood
i'm crying
perhaps i'm nearly dying
but i don't wanna die
don't wanna end my life here
so i'll have another beer
and then i'll go back home
where someone may be waiting

i am lost
and i'm getting very tired
i have to take a rest
i've worked so hard today
and sacrificed my youth
in a fruitless search for truth
and still my hands are empty
but pain i found a plenty

© abracad 2003