precious moments
are all we ever had
are all we'll ever have

and life
like a journey
into eternity
is but a solitary moment
to be savoured

precious moments
of time
slip slowly through our hands
like tiny grains of sand
not lost
not found
but somewhere else around

these days
though they hurt us
they cannot destroy us
for they shall slip away
with the closing of the day
but we'll remain
always the same

the immortal road we know so well
it's carried us since we fell
from eternity

though it means so very much
it carries all the straws we clutch
until we find the truth

this world
is all we have today
but it isn't all there is
not by a long long way
it's just another step
along the way

and when the days seem hard
when the light seems dark
escape into the night
and it'll be alright
eventually. eventually

and even though they try to break us
they can't even slightly shake us

the clouds are drawing in
in respect of all my sin
but i'll never lose my way
for there will be another day
another day that we can say
is our tomorrow
there will be no sorrow
because we'll always win

open up your eyes
it's another brand new day
another chance to realise
that there's another way
to play the game
it's always been the same

so proud of all you've done
proud of all the things you've won
but soon there'll come a day
when they're taken all away
it's in the game
it's always been the same

you like to think the end's the means
and that is how it often seems
but seeming ain't your friend
because the means they are the end
and that's the game
it's always been the same

you see the world in black and white
seek a pathway that's alright
but then you find there's no such thing
there's good and bad in everything
in life's sweet game
it's always been the same

today you've come a long long way
but that ain't what the voices say
you've only just begun
to scratch the surface of the sun
but that's the game
it's always been the same

sometimes you stop and wonder why
before you hide and start to cry
when everything's so cruel
you just can't see it's in the rule
of life's great game
it's always been the same

you find confusion always stings
but someone always pulls the strings
there's a reason why we laugh or sigh
with every moment that passes by
it shows it's just a game
it'll always be the same

so sure the end is gonna come
last witness of the setting sun
but phoenix like again tomorrow
rise again above the sorrow
of this cheap game
it'll always be the same

don't try to fight the inner will
of those that rather give than kill
you'll rearrange your fate
until you merely have to wait
to terminate the game
it'll always be the same

© abracad 2003