the winds of time have claimed their price
and though it wasn't always nice
i wouldn't change a thing
it's just the way it was
the way it's always been
that's left me damaged deep inside
where no one else can hide

living is a dangerous game
trying hard to lose our shame
we tried... we cried... we died
as darkness fell again
the silence fell again
and left us damaged from within
though we'd done no sin

damaged by the light
damaged by the night
damaged... irreperably

i've fallen from my pedestal
such a long long way to fall
with no return
i was blinded by the light
blinded by the night
damaged by the day and night
how can this be right?
i say, please listen
how can this be right

never did no one no harm
never found no peace nor no calm
it was so very hard
confusion reigned as king
couldn't follow anything
it wasn't easy
never easy
damaged... i'll try to carry on
though my spirit's nearly gone

© abracad 2003