around the world i spent my time
chasing dreams that wouldn't rhyme
gave my heart and wounded soul
for something that was not my goal
never really understood
seemed my heart was made of wood

around the world i tried, i cried
even when it hurt my pride
so much i cannot even tell
can't let you in my private hell
never meant to do no harm
life was just a false alarm

around the world i gave my all
to things i never learned in school
looked at both sides of the coin
pieces that could never join
afraid to stand afraid to fall
tried to step beyond the wall

it's all the same i heard the say
you cannot hold on to today
or even just a little while
so round the world just stop and smile
it only takes a little while

around the world i'll follow you
just do what you want me to
i'll try and play your little game
but in the end we're all the same
evening comes so very soon
look above you'll see the moon

around the world remember me
and all the things i tried to be
i reached for heaven but in truth
never even left my youth
couldn't see the things i should
around the world ain't always good

© abracad 2003