As I was walking down the street
I saw a girl I'd like to meet
I went across and asked her name
Looking at me with some surprise
I only heard her half reply
I don't know what I'm doing here at all

Passing by a church the other day
I felt the urge to kneel right down and pray
A young girl started laughing
An old man started crying
They couldn't understand me at all
Was it me or was it them that broke the rule?

Standing watching the sunset falling
I heard somebody's voice was calling
It came from far away
But I couldn't help but turn away
I really didn't understand
Why I couldn't be happy any other way

If life is but a journey within a journey
And this shadow on my soul might let me be
Misunderstanding everything around me
Like half-forgotten dreams that I once knew
And a bitter-sweet feeling of contentment
That will never let me rest upon the sand;

© abracad 2003