This is not a journey
It's more a coming home
Completion of the circle
Now there's nowhere left to roam
So glad that you're still waiting
Please remember me
I never meant to hurt you
Just had so much to see

Hello Mr Willis, where's your little boy?
I heard he's all grown up now
Did he bring you so much joy?
Mr Jones, why are you crying?
Life can't be so bad
I never gave up trying
So why are you so sad?

Farewell Uncle Arthur, it's five years later on
Sorry I didn't make it, no one told me you were gone
My ugly little sister, o what's become of you?
I simply can't believe it, divorced at twenty-two

I never thought you'd roll out
A red carpet on your floor
But I though you'd treat me better
Not show me to the door
Please try to understand me
Why I had to go away
It wasn't for forever
Please let me back to stay

This is not a journey
But is it coming home?
When so much has changed forever
I feel so all alone
Even you are so much older
And the years have not been kind
You're not my best friend any more
Or is it just the time
playing tricks upon my mind

© abracad 2003