think you're so respectable
in your shiny suit and tie
you think I'm so despicable
you won't look me in the eye

but when you close your door
behind your back
you open your wardrobe
and put on your dirty mack

think you're so superior
really got it made
and everyone beneath you
will wonder at the way you played

but when you're alone
the world has turned its back
you take off your greasepaint
put on yur dirty mack

don't you think it wasn't noticed
that look within your eye
revealing your impurity
and now you're gonna cry

no one would believe it
you were such a lovely guy
life and soul and such like
it was nothing but a lie

we don't want your sort round here
you don't need to ask us why
you ain't welcome anywhere
just go away and cry
go away and die

© abracad 2003