Trapped within an endless, twisted illusion
Of futile obsession with meaningless possession
I reached, I found, I touched, I fell
I had and lost; now I've heard the bell
Of yesterday's confusion where only poets dared
To tell of bitter and brave battles where lonely
Foot soldiers fought for souls they longed to sell

Gentle swings of fancy sway me to and fro
I step into the darkness and fall so far below
The familiar world I lived in is only now a dream
And emptiness surrounds me like a solitary theme
I opened every promise that I set my eyes upon
But no time now for regrets of opportunity gone

As one door folornly closes another joyously opens
From a wonderland of endless hope and possibility
Unbounded. For all we touch and see, feel and more
Are nothing 'cept another mysterious sounding door
And step inside, why don't you? look around with glee
And all that you've discovered can never set you free
From temporal hopes, dreams and fears are all the same
Stories of redemtion, from the twentieth childish game

In circular motion from a blind man's dream of hell
I thought I'd gained the wisdom of following a tricky
pathway so hard to negotiate. But now, But now I know
it isn't too late; indeed it was never time at all

A loner in a crowded room stands as one beneath the rest
a gentle, fragile creature of the solitary pathway
Maybe or not, time only knows a secret yet to be
revealed but fleeting glimpses of enlightenment pure
and true. A die is cast, a choice made and delivered
To a waiting world beyond; but this is choice bearing pity
made not in heaven, but from a heaving sea of chaos, looking
Searching for an escape from limitless, infinite medicority

Striving for a mirage of perfection unlimited
I stood and fell a million times or more
Undaunted and undefeated by darkeness unfound
I marched forward again toward the light I saw
Stood in silence apart from that inner voice
That tells me over and over wrong from right
Or is it merely subjective eternal feelings
Internally pushing me onwards to the light

© abracad 2003