moments, precious moments of my time
lie fallen like autumn leaves upon
unenviable errings of regret
entrapped within the remorseless clasp of death

a mountain conquered by a mind of will
dreams unbroken are patiently waiting still
yet undiscovered memories haunt my path
across river, valley, night or hill

a glance upon the mirror revealed
my own true friend. Trust is but a single
word never spoken from the heart like
emptiness uncovered, like a light destined
to remain unseen. Without ending or
beginning, a deeply imagined
stream leading finally to nothing

playing our part like puppets on the stage
of theatrical anonimity against a backdrop
of unfulfilled promise. Heaviness fills the air
as the stench of reality reveals its ugly plot

cycles of hope over fear fade slowly
but surely the mist falls and twilight
deepens itself within my kindly soul
an inevitable way never for being right

© abracad 2003