You were trapped within your arrogance
Erroneous self-confidence
Smirking face of satisfaction
Of life's self congratulation
Didn't you know? Didn't you care?
That you were nothing, Didn't matter
Paling into insignificance.

Mr Jones
Deep inside your heart of stone
Face it you are all alone
Fighting for a truth unspoken
Praying for a dream unbroken
You weren't even a drop in the ocean
Mr Jones

Now Mr Jones, Where are you?
What did you try to do?
With your life, round and useless
Nagging wife, Realised
Wanted to escape, Found it was too late

Banality surrounds you like a blanket
In the night as a child
Didn't dare look in the mirror
Afraid of seeing your own, sweet reality

Mr Jones I care nothing for you
As you passed me by without a second glance
So swift to judge a book by its cover
You were your own solitary lover
Thought You were the apple of the world
So wrong. You were nothing at all.
Disappear. Get away from here.

Mr Jones you're slowly dying
From the sins of all your lying
You can't escape your twisted fate
He's waiting by the exit gate
Run to him
As for me I've no time for you
You can take all that's coming
And all your futile running
Cannot save you now Mr Jones

© abracad 2003