Haven't you heard?
the new World began Today
the old One was blown away
but Life is sweet, Life is easy
take your Time, don't look back
it looks like you've really got the knack
of Rolling with the tide
and Hiding all your feelings deep inside.

some Day you're gon'a be much Older
this Word'll be Much colder
but Life's the Only thing we got
better Use it, better not
regret the past, it don't last
for long, find out, where you're goin'
what you're knowin'

be True to the heart that lies
within. look deep beneath the
skin For there's only one
reality It's the only one
You'll ever see All the rest'll
never Be for you

bring Back sweet Memories of endless
summer days spent playing in the Sand
and Watching sunbeams
Dancing on the waterfront It's there
in the Depths of your despair you may
find mE waiting there For i'M the one
who Told you What life, in all its
flavours is for!

and When your days have come. And gone And
it's So hard to carry on remember this world
don't forget nor Regret
let it teach your Heart and soul to Rise above
and bring you many things but Truth still lies
within yourself

© abracad 2003