save me now
there's nothing to save me now
if I only had the time
time to show me how

I saw a rich man crying
cos friendship he had none
I saw a poor man running
from the burning sun
I heard some children laughing
in the middle of the night
I felt an old man's sorrow
as he gazed into the light

Oh help me mummy
save me from the rain
oh help me daddy
help me to stay sane
oh help me people
protect me from my shame
oh help me sister
save me from my loneliness
oh help me Jesus
save me from this pain

forgive my soul and let me see
forget my sins and let me be
free to enjoy the sorrow
of my lonely, lost tomorrow
I gave my heart, you wanted more
my eyes were opened, then you saw
that I'd never be what you had in mind

© abracad 2003